The air bearing technology can guarantee that the moving parts are totally free from mechanical contact.

In order to get a fast and efficient interfacing with the system, our linear stages can be connected through connectors.

Air bearing linear stages can be supplied in several models, in different sizes and strokes. These stages can be used stand-alone or combined in X/Y layout. Most frequently in horizontal configuration, it is also possible to add an air bearing rotary stage assembled on.

Our air bearing linear stages represent the best mix of DYNAMICS, PRECISION, RELIABILITY : fast and very accurate positioning are guaranteed, as well as stable performances over time.

Our air bearings linear stages are featured by preloaded system with magnetic or air bearings, high resolution optical linear encoders, direct drive linear motors – iron core or ironless type and hard anodized aluminum guides or frictionless coated material.


Our linear stages provide customers with benefits as: 

  • no friction in the guide system
  • no stick slip effect
  • no wear and top performance over time
  • no vibrations

MAGER supplies utmost precise, accurate, and reliable linear motion solutions for demanding applications requiring precision positioning in:

  • tests and measurement in METROLOGY
  • laser micromachining in MICROMACHINING WITH TOOLS AND LASER
  • handling processes in ELECTRONICS AND SEMICONDUCTOR



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