Born at the end of the ’60s in the last century as Regman and turned into Mager at the end of the ’70s, our company designs and manufactures components and motion systems  based on air bearing technology and direct drive motorization. 

Our core business include both simple components such flat air bearings, porous air bushings, voice coil linear actuators, and more complex systems such as air bearings rotary stages, high dynamic air bearing linear actuators and air bearing multi-axis systems.

Thanks to our R&D Dpt.’s high level engineering skills matched with the whole control of the process which is fully internally managed, we can suggest to our customers both standard and customized solutions which perfectly meet our customers’ requirements.  

Our ideal customer is a manufacturer of systems and machines in the following markets:

Our air bearing technology can provide our customers with several benefits which can be listed as:

We are the real choice for companies who choose to use high tech products with the certainty of getting reliable supplies and no delivery delays. 

Our products are fully MADE IN ITALY and we are trusted by the most recognized Italian institutions and labs such as Polytechnic University of Turin and INRIM National Institute for Metrological Research for the supply of the forefront technology in scientific and academic fields.

In order to protect our precious technological know-how, in 2020 our company registered its trademark in Italy and in many European and non-European countries. Our aim is to give our customers full support thanks to a wide sales network through on-site distributors who can guarantee to the final customer fast deliveries, technical support and an efficient after-sales assistance. 

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